London Underground Tube Strike – 19th,20th,27th,28th,29th,30th June/1st July 2011

The RMT union has announced a new round of strike action on the London Underground beginning on Sunday 19th June 2011 following the sacking of one of its members, Arwyn Thomas.

This threatened strike action has now been CANCELLED as London Underground have reinstated Arwyn Thomas after an industrial tribunal ruled he had been unfairly dismissed

An Employment Tribunal found RMT member Arwyn Thomas had been ‘unfairly dismissed’ by London Underground because ‘of his trade union activities’. The RMT say that their members have called further strike action as London Underground are refusing to " even discuss re-employing Arwyn Thomas ".

The dates announced for initial strike action are:

Between 21.01 on Sunday 19th June 2011 and 03.00 on Monday 20th June 2011.

Around half of all Tube drivers are members of the RMT union, and all of these members have been instructed by the RMT not to book on for any duty between the said dates.

The RMT have also announced ‘possible’ strike action on these dates (pending further discussion with London Underground and RMT members)

* Between 21.01 hours on Monday 27th June and 11.59 hours on Tuesday 28th June 2011.
* Between 12.00 hours on Wednesday 29th June and 11.59 hours on Thursday 30th June 2011.
* Between 12.00 hours on Friday 1st July and 21.00 hours on Friday 1st July 2011

A RMT spokesman said that RMT had made every effort to get Arwyn Thomas back to work but they had failed to reach agreement with London Underground management and had " no choice but to put this strike action on."

A spokesman for London Underground said they were mystified as to why RMT were resorting to strike action and hoped it would still be possible to reach a settlement.

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6 Responses to “London Underground Tube Strike – 19th,20th,27th,28th,29th,30th June/1st July 2011”

  1. Amanda Oates says:

    Dear BR,
    I urge you engage constructively with the RMT and to re-instate Arwyn Thomas. It is BR and the bullish attitude they have taken, and not the RMT, who should be held responsible for this disruption to services.

    This is not simply about an individual employee being unfairly dismissed, but what it signifies – BR blatantly flaunting the law and the courts and the victimisation of those who stand up for the rights of others.

    I will be boycotting services on strike days and will urge my friends and family to do the same. BR should be ashamed.

  2. George says:

    The bloke deserved to be fired…

    The union is aiming to cause as my damage as possible for not getting their way…

  3. Keith says:

    Until the legal outcome is ascertained your abusively disruptive man cannot be re-instated as this would be preempting the conclusion of a disciplinary procedure – something the Union(s)and employment law are meant to be against. So why then does the RMT insist on striking – because it can and chooses which ‘rights’ and laws they will follow! Out of interest with the wages Mr. Crow receives in remuneration does he have the audacity to call all the other paying members ‘brothers’?

    It’s the same old rubbish from the RMT, but on the upside when their members do go on strike I find the service improves dramatically and my usual 1h 15m commute gets about 15 minutes shaved from it. Maybe it’s because none of the unwashed employees are at work, so the actual grafters don’t have anyone getting in their way or slowing them down!

  4. kat says:

    Please dont strike on July 1st, i have a serious family commitment to get too. I have to travel from essex to the isle of wight, Please please please dont :( I have never got a train before and the 1st time i get one i would like it to be a nice experience xx

  5. TFL. says:

    Dear Kat,
    After carefully considering your request, we have come to the agreement with the government to make your first ever journey an amazing experience.
    Yours truly

  6. kat says:

    Dear TFL,
    I just threw up in my mouth.

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