London Underground Tube Strike Dates 16-20th May and 13-17th June

RMT and London Underground have announced that the planned strike action has now been suspended and services should operate normally

RMT tube drivers were to have striked on the following dates:

2101 BST 16 May – 1159 BST 17 May
1200 BST 18 May – 1159 BST 19 May
1200 BST – 2100 BST 20 May
2101 BST 13 June – 1159 BST 14 June
1200 BST 15 June – 1159 BST 16 June
1200 BST – 2100 BST 17 June

It is not yet known which lines will be affected or how severely services on these dates will be affected, but anyone wishing to travel on these dates is advised to make alternative arrangements.

The strike concerns the dismissal of two train drivers by London Underground.

London Underground said the drivers were sacked over "abusive behaviour" and "disregarding safety systems."

The Rail Maritime and Transport union said it expected about 1,500 drivers, who are members of the union, not to turn up for shifts on six periods in May and June.

Both of the dismissed drivers are taking their cases to a tribunal, claiming that they were unfairly dismissed for being union activists.

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2 Responses to “London Underground Tube Strike Dates 16-20th May and 13-17th June”

  1. lbc says:

    What alternative arrangements?

    Without knowing which lines are affected, how can anyone plan anything?

  2. Tim says:

    RMT should sack Bob Crow, he causes all these unecessary strikes.
    The RMT should pay compensation to all companies and individuals affected by their leftie, ‘chip on shoulder’ militancy.

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